Understanding Different Air Compressor Power Capacities
November 22, 2019

Industrial air compressors can be some of the most complex equipment to acquire for your facility due to the amount of different specifications you have to be mindful of. This kind of variation exists in order to help facilities choose the most suitable air compressor that will help them save on energy costs, and as such, careful consideration needs to be applied to choosing the right machine.

One of the key specifications of industrial air compressors is their power capacity.

Power capacity is usually expressed in kilowatts, or kW. The higher the number, the better the air compressor can perform in high-powered operations.

Generally, air compressors can be divided into four categories based on their power range, which goes from 50 kW to above 500 kW. Here’s a breakdown of what those categories mean:

1. Small units – up to 50 kW

Air compressors with a power capacity of up to 50kW are considered to be in the small range. These are by no means industrial air compressors, and are instead better suited to private woodworking shops, artists, and hobbyists. These type of compressors are also normally portable.

2. Medium units – 50-250 kW

This type of air compressor is most commonly used in auto repair shops, as its size and power capacity make it ideal to use with pneumatic tools. These air compressors are quite modestly sized, and will not take up too much floor space.

3. Large units – 251-500kw

Industrial air compressors normally start at this range of power. These units are found in factories and other large facilities, sometimes powering the complex machines that are part of assembly systems. The higher the power capacity and larger the size of the compressor, the more power it can produce.

4. Extra large units – 500kW and above

All air compressors in this power range are considered industrial air compressors. These units are needed for the most heavy-duty applications, powering HVAC systems in large buildings. These types of air compressors are massive and require designated rooms of their own.

As you can see, the size of an air compressor corresponds to its power capacity. When choosing an air compressor, you will need to look at other specifications beyond size and power capacity. Make sure you consult with ReapAir Compressor Services, the foremost experts in industrial air compressors, in order to make the right decision for your business.

So many different types of industrial air compressors!
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