ReapAir Compressor Services has a vision – we want to improve your operational efficiency so that you can turn your business into a resounding success. This is why our clients get the best-in-class industrial air compressor repair and service quality in the region. Our services are among the top-rated in all of Southern Ontario for a reason: we want to make you the best in your field.


The return on investment you get from investing in timely, high-quality industrial air compressor services and parts is a huge one indeed. You avoid breakdowns and maintenance holds for your industrial compressors, which can put your plant out of commission long enough to result in major losses.The services we offer you can help you avoid such breakdowns by preventing them before they are even close to happening. The best way to do this is by scheduling a regular service of your equipment. Here at ReapAir Compressor Services, we allow you to schedule visits and maintenance that ensures your compressors continue to run smoothly for as long as you want them to.


We also come prepared – our teams are constantly on standby to respond quickly and effectively in case of emergencies. If you have an unavoidable breakdown, our services ensure that your compressors are up and running again so fast you barely see your bottom line affected. ReapAir future-proofs your equipment too by installing temporary accessories and recommending service schedules and action plans tailored to your unique needs. ReapAir provides industrial air compressor service options to clients across the GTA. We also cater to all makes and models of industrial air compressors in Mississauga, Pickering, Oakville, and anywhere else in the region. We will repair your industrial and Quincy air compressors quickly and efficiently, protecting them against all future breakdowns too.


Contact ReapAir Compressor Services if you want a team of professionals who are on call and ready to respond quickly, efficiently, and within a few hours of your call. We are on hand to provide you with the repairs, services, and future-proofing your compressors need. Read on to see examples of the incredible services we offer you! 



At ReapAir Compressor Services we offer various types of compressed air systems and have the necessary capabilities to take on turnkey projects. We have worked on jobs of all sizes and are confident in our ability to meet any of your requirements, ranging from installation of compressed air lines and industrial air compressor accessories to compressor ventilation systems and more. You can be sure that, unlike when dealing with a third party for installations, the knowledge and efficiency of ReapAir will reduce your installation costs and downtime significantly. We know our products, and ensure that the installation services we offer are quick, efficient and cost-effective. If you are looking for installation services for air compressors in the GTA or Southern Ontario, ReapAir Compressor Services is there for you.

  • Diverse range of installation services
  • Fast installation of complex systems
  • Cost-effective installation solutions
  • Less downtime than with other service providers

We repair your vacuum systems, industrial air compressors, and filtration systems. Our service team is able to repair even the most complicated units and systems with ease. All our repair team members are certified and factory-trained individuals. We have the skills, knowledge, and equipment needed to repair your industrial air compressors and other systems in the GTA and across Ontario. Regardless of the make, model, or complexity of your system, be it a Quincy air compressor or any other, we can repair it and do it well!

  • Fast, efficient repairs to reduce downtime
  • Future-proofing to avoid breakdowns
  • Professional certified repair personnel
  • High-quality tools and training 
Maintenance Contracts

ReapAir Compressor Services has the option of a maintenance contract with our company. This contract allows you to schedule regular maintenance courtesy of our qualified teams, for as long as you want. The perk of this is that everything is automated – we keep your compressors running around the clock without you having to lift a finger. Our technicians in the GTA are able to identify any and all issues with your equipment and remedy them without you having to intervene. We also appraise the current state of technology and provide you with suggestions to improve your own processes over time.

  • Automated maintenance service for the contract period
  • Highly skilled technicians on call all the time
  • Constant updates to existing compressor technology
  • Suggestions for improvement and futureproofing
  • Preventative maintenance procedures 
24/7 Customer Support

The top priority at ReapAir Compressor Services is customer satisfaction. We do whatever it takes to keep you happy, including being available 24/7 to take on your many needs. If you have an emergency issue with your industrial air compressors in Toronto or the GTA, we’re on hand at any time to assist you with finding a solution. Whether it is repairs you need for your Quincy air compressor or operational trouble with other models of compressors, we are here to help you.

  • Round-the-clock support services
  • Technicians skilled in all makes and models
  • Quick transfer to on-site technical support
Compressed Air Leak Detection

Auditing your network of compressed air regularly is a great way to ensure that you don’t have leaks anywhere that are increasing your operational costs. ReapAir Compressor Services offers high-tech ultrasound scanning by trained professionals, allowing you to quickly and effectively identify any issues with your existing network. We promise only the best results when we audit your network, going over it with a fine-tooth comb and ensuring the best solution for you. We can provide you with a variety of results such as:

  • Estimates of leaks in air flow
  • Precise locations of leaks
  • Detailed written reports
  • Reports within 10 days
  • Estimate of costs and ROI

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Efficiency Quotient Analysis

The EQ Rating, or your efficiency quotient, is the ratio that determines how efficient your company’s compressed air flow network is. ReapAir Compressor Services will go through your facility for free and give you an accurate, complete EQ worksheet at the end of it. We install an EQ analyser to gather data about your energy consumption during normal operations. We provide far more than just the EQ rating: we also take a look at your operating costs and the potential for cutting back on these through the implementation of new equipment and system accessories. We analyse this data and send you a detailed report and suggestions for an action plan. The result is that you stand to make a lot of money by making the changes necessary to boost your efficiency like never before.

  • Free analysis of your facility
  • Completion of EQ worksheet
  • Estimated operating costs
  • Detailed reports generated
  • Installation of EQ analyser device
  • Recommendations for future improvement

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