Air Compressor Duty Cycles and Their Applications
November 15, 2019

One of the key specifications when looking for an industrial air compressor is its duty cycle. Duty cycles are relatively self-explanatory, but when you delve deeper into the topic, you’ll find that it isn’t actually that simplistic. Depending on the different applications industrial facilities require, some duty cycles are more suited than others.


In today’s blog, we’ll be giving an overview of what to expect with different duty cycles.


An industrial air compressor’s duty cycle is usually expressed as a percentage. That percentage represents how much time the industrial air compressor will be producing compressed air within its total cycle time. For instance, an industrial air compressor with a duty cycle of 25% and a cycle time of 120 seconds will cycle between running for 30 seconds and then resting for 1.5 minutes. 30 seconds is 25% of 120 seconds.

Here is a breakdown of the applications of five different duty cycle ratings:

25%: This is the lowest run time available, making it most suitable for non-industrial applications. Craftsmen or artists who work with more industrial materials may use an air compressor such as this to help produce intermittent air power.

30%: This is considered to be a more moderate application of compressed air. Garages may employ the use of compressors with 30% run time to power certain tools.

50%: Medium-scale operations will benefit from this industrial air compressor duty cycle. This type of compressor can be used in the place of a compressor that has a higher duty cycle if you know your facility does not require that much air power, thereby saving you money.

75%: Powering pneumatic tools will be made simpler and more efficient with an industrial air compressor with this duty cycle. These tools do not need ongoing air, but they do need enough air for a period of time to function.

100%: An industrial air compressor with this rating will provide a continuous flow of air. Pneumatic sanders and spray painters have to be in constant use, and as such this is the industrial air compressor for those applications. Cooling components have to be attached to this industrial air compressor to curb overheating.

As you can see, selecting a suitable industrial air compressor is not as simple as it seems. It is best to always consult with an air compressor expert such as ReapAir Compressor Services. Selecting the right compressor for your uses will help you save on utility costs and have the most efficient operations.

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