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4 Great Tips to Improve Your Industrial Air Compressor's Energy Efficiency
August 05, 2021

Industrial air compressors are the core of many businesses across the country. Therefore, a faulty air compressor will massively damage any business' operations. You can expect the best results from your air compressor with effective maintenance and monitoring.


Here are a few starter steps to make sure your industrial air compressor works optimally every day.


Diligently Look for Leaks

Leaks can cause your industrial air compressors to use up to 30% of your facility's energy bills. Plus, leaks can hurt your equipment to the point that your machine will strain itself to achieve a fraction of the capability it had before the leak. Check your hoses, tubes, couplings, and other essential components. Diligently looking for damages ensures that you are using your energy efficiently.


Monitor Your Air Pressure Levels

The right air pressure is essential for any operation. Lowering or increasing your air compressor's PSI level inappropriately can massively increase your utility bills. If you do not use the right pressure, you will end up using much more energy than your everyday operations require. You can have specialists monitor your machine's air pressure levels with regular audits. In doing so, you can maintain its lifespan, performance, and energy production budget.


Use Supply-Side Controllers

Supply-side controllers help regulate and monitor the compressor's current air levels. The controller can also cut the operational pressure band. As a result, supply-side controllers can save you up to 15% in excess energy consumption. Use supply-side controllers at the first sign that your air compressor is not keeping up with its usual tasks.


Aftercooler and Dryer Maintenance

These two pieces of air compressor equipment will reduce dew points and prevent rusting inside your air compressor. Thus, maintain your aftercooler and dryer's condition to lengthen the machine's lifespan and performance.


Get the Best Industrial Air Compressors from Dependable Suppliers

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