Oils and Lubricants for an Industrial Air Compressor
July 26, 2021

Lubricants for an industrial air compressor are particularly created and formulated for specific types of equipment and their requirements. The primary roles of compressor lubricants or oils are to reduce the occurrence of wear and tear, and to cool, seal, and clean the machine.


In today’s blog, we will learn about the functions of industrial air compressor oils and lubricants:


Air compressor lubricants help to maintain a healthy compressed air system by removing the heat generated during the compression process. Moreover, it cools the system by reducing the friction that the moving parts experience when in action, preventing the metal components from generating wear and tear. Apart from lubricating the rotors and other components of the compressor, the oil is also used for sealing and cleaning the chamber. It carries the dust that gets inside the machine and brings them into the filter.


Industrial air compressor oil comes in two different types - synthetic and standard. The standard type is also called mineral oil as it is made using a mineral base. It is cheaper than the synthetic one but it is more volatile and so, it can evaporate much faster. Because of this, mineral compressor oil is recommended for machines that are not used continuously or those that are only used lightly for small projects.


On the other hand, synthetic compressor oil is made from higher quality materials. Since it is often specially formulated with the right base, making it last longer than standard compressor oil. Also, it stays cooler and hence, evaporates at a slower rate. Finally, synthetic oils are capable of helping to extend the life of your compressor by preventing or reducing the buildup of deposits on valves and other components of the equipment.


Overall, when choosing industrial air compressor oil, it is best to ask the manufacturer for advice because different compressors have varied requirements. Choose wisely and you will see the capabilities and lifespan of your industrial air compressor greatly increase.

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