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Quincy QGDV Series 15-30HP [New 2017]


Quincy QGDV 15-30 HP Variable Speed Drive Rotary Screw Compressor
Standard Premium Features

Quincy’s QGDV 15-30 hp offers the benefit of variable speed gear drive for small industrial applications with fluctuating compressed air demands. These units are up to 50% more energy efficient than fixed speed drives with an extensive flow range of 24% - 100%. This effectively reduces your compressor’s lifecycle costs by an average of 37%. The QGDV 15-30 hp also removes peak current penalty during startup, minimizes system leakage and eliminates wasted idling times during operation. Together, these capabilities dramatically lower energy consumption throughout the life of the compressor.

Standard equipment on this model features premium key components like upgraded controls and prepackage filtration. These affordable rotary screw compressors are reliable and easy to maintain to deliver premium efficiency for an exceptionally low cost of ownership.