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Quincy QGD Series | 15 HP - 65 HP

QGD 15-60 hp Gear Drive Compressors

true blue warranty

Are you in need of an air compressor that is tough, easy to use and efficient? The QGD Series appears in our world-class rotary screw compressor lineup, and can meet all of these requirements and much more. These 40-60 hp air compressors provide plenty of power — they have industry leading flow and specific energy available at 100-125-150 psig. You have the ability to network up to six machines, making the QGD ideally suited for your large compressed air tasks.

With a premium airend design, industrial-grade enclosure and simple, intuitive controls, the Quincy QGD is designed to provide reliable compressed air under the most demanding conditions. Backed by Quincy Compressor’s 5-Year True Blue Warranty, the Quincy QGD carries the same rugged construction that has inspired customer loyalty for generations.

eye-iconAt a Glance

  • Airlogic 2 Advanced control
  • NEMA Premium TEFC Motor is standard
  • Ease of serviceability
  • Sound level as low as 66 dBA
  • 5-Year True Blue Warranty

eye-iconUp Close

  • 70-281 acfm @ 125 psig
  • 100-150 psig
  • No belts
  • Network up to 6 machines
  • Premium Efficiency Airend