Brand Spotlight: Quincy Compressor
December 30, 2019

ReapAir Compressor Services prides ourselves on our wide variety of air compressor products. Most popular of these products is the Quincy air compressor, thanks to their reputation for unmatched durability and reliability. In today’s blog, we will go over some reasons why we think the Quincy air compressor has made such a splash with our customers.  

Quincy Compressor has been going strong for more than a century, fine-tuning their technology and services.

Each compressor model they produce is optimized for a specific application, prioritizing efficiency and productivity. Over the years, Quincy Compressor has worked to develop innovative new ways of making their air compressors more and more efficient. Some of these innovations include: 

  1. Boltless hinged doors  
    • To facilitate accessibility and ease of use so that maintenance and repairs can be completed easily and quickly.. 
  2. Panel access to consumables 
    • Quincy air compressor units feature a single panel allowing access to all the consumable components of the air compressor, including the filters and the oil fill component. 
  3. Roof service access 
    • The air compressor unit comes with a large, removable roof panel so that the compressor can be easily serviced from the top. 
  4. Spin-on filter 
    • Quincy’s compressor units are designed to allow for filters to be spun on, instead of having to be bolted down or assembled in a more complicated way.  

Quincy Compressor wants to make these innovations accessible to every industry, which is why they have an extensive line of air compressor products tailored for all sorts of industries, including the oil and gas, automotive, marine, HVAC, medical industries, and more.  

Indeed, these unique features allow for users of Quincy’s products to experience heightened effciency at consistently competitive prices. At ReapAir Compressor Services, we stock up on original Quincy parts and make sure we offer a full range of services so that our customers and users of Quincy’s products can continue to experience top-notch quality even after the initial purchase.  

Some of the innovations attached to our Quincy air compressor are things you don't see any other manufacturer doing. Simply irreplaceable.
Posted by: Simmons | March 19, 2020, 10:57 am
Loving my new Quincy air compressor!
Posted by: Lisa | January 8, 2020, 12:12 pm
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