Choosing the Right Industrial Air Compressor
December 18, 2019

Having the right industrial air compressor for your facility can make a tremendous difference in terms of productivity and efficiency. As such, when you are looking for a suitable unit, you need to make sure that you are taking into consideration every important factor so that you come away with the perfect industrial air compressor for your needs.


First, it is important to consider where it is you want to go to find your industrial air compressor.


It will be extremely beneficial for you to opt for a company that is a full service provider. For instance, ReapAir Compressor Services does not only supply a range of quality industrial air compressors, we also perform a complete package of services including installations, preventative maintenance, audits, and more.


With that said, here are the other key factors to consider when choosing an industrial air compressor:


1. Application

Familiarize yourself with why you need an air compressor and what you will need it for. There are many different types of air compressors, including rotary screw air compressors, two-stage air compressors, piston air compressors, and more. Different air compressors have different functions and mechanisms, and your specific application will determine which type you need to go for. Make sure you consult with your sales represented to get more information about the differences among air compressors.


2. Compatibility

On top of that, you need to check of the specifications of all the different industrial air compressor models. Some of these specifications include sizing, power rating, pressure rating, tank volume, duty cycles, and more. Most of the specifications are indicated with symbols and measurements that may be hard to interpret, which is why you need to have an expert by your side when you make your decision.


3. Power Source

The two main sources of power for air compressors are electricity or gas. Both are better suited to different applications as well. For instance, gas-powered air compressors are popular thanks to their portability. On the other hand, electric-powered air compressors are chosen by facilities that requires low-noise and continuous operations.


It is not an easy task to find the correct air compressor alone. That is why the experts at ReapAir always ensure to make ourselves available to our customers for support and advice. If you are looking for an industrial air compressor, get in touch today!


Thanks for these tips on how to choose an industrial air compressor!
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