Air Compressor Ratings: What Do They Mean?
September 26, 2019

When you are trying to select and purchase the best industrial air compressor in Toronto for your facility, there are several factors that require careful consideration. One of these is how air compressors are rated. These ratings can help you determine the capabilities of an air compressor and guide you in making a purchase that is exactly right for your needs.

Here is a breakdown of some important rating terms that you may encounter during your hunt for an industrial air compressor in Toronto:

1. CFM: This acronym stands for cubic feet per minute, and it rates the volume of air that can be delivered by the air compressor. The higher the cfm, the more air a compressor produces. This does not mean everyone is better off with a higher-cfm rated air compressor.

If you do not perform heavy duty work, opt for a lower cfm to save energy.

2. Duty cycles: This rating applies chiefly to reciprocating air compressors, which have a cyclical on/off operating mechanism to save energy. Ratings for duty cycles are normally formatted as “X number / X number.” The first number refers to how many percent of the time the machine is running, while the latter number refers to its resting time percentage. For instance, a 75/25 duty cycle means this machines runs 75% of the time and rests 25% of the time.

3. Gallons: This measures tank size. Some applications cannot be start-stopped often, as it will result in inefficiency. An example would be the spray painting of vehicles. As such, a larger tank is required so that the tool can be operated for a longer time before needing to stop for air pressure to be refilled in the tank. 

4. PSI: This stands for pounds per square inch, and is the measure of air force. The difference with cfm is that this measures the power of the air, while cfm merely measures the volume of air. Most pneumatic tools need a minimum of 40 psi.

5. Horsepower/HP: Most people understand that higher horsepower means more motor or engine capacity, and as such wrongly believe horsepower alone can help them determine the right industrial air compressor in Toronto to purchase.

While horsepower does indeed correspond with higher cfm, air compressors need to be assessed as a whole before one makes a decision.

Selecting an industrial air compressor in Toronto by yourself can seem like a daunting task. This is why the team at Reap Air Compressor Services is fully committed to helping you make the process as headache-free as possible through our thorough consultation services. We believe everyone deserves to be able to find the right industrial air compressor in Toronto for their needs as easily as possible!

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