Addressing Prevailing Myths About Compressed Air
September 20, 2019

It is not always easy to explain or understand how an industrial air compressor works. It is a machine that relies on many complex principles of physics and engineering, and as such it is easy to see how myths and misconceptions about the applications and workings of industrial air compressor systems may arise.

In today’s blog, we’ll address some of the most popular myths about industrial air compressor systems in the hopes of educating people more about these important machines.

  1. Industrial air compressor lubricants are all the same.

This is false, as many different lubricant types exist to suit specific applications. The only thing all synthetic fluids have in common is that they do not have a hydrocarbon base. Ample research is needed before deciding on an appropriate lubricant for your industrial air compressor. Using the wrong type can result in premature wear and tear.

  1. It is not necessary to acquire replacement parts from the manufacturer.

While most aftermarket replacement parts generally still have adequate quality, they were not made specifically for your machine. Manufacturers make spare parts with consistency and reliability in mind. Getting a spare part made by the manufacturer means knowing you won’t have issues with incompatibility, performance, potential damages, and voiding warranties.

  1. Compressed air is dirty.

Today, modern, updated air compressors do not produce nearly as much impure air as people seem to think they do. Proper maintenance should keep your industrial air compressor’s air production clean by addressing issues related to dirty system tubes, storage tanks, and other poor maintenance factors.

  1. Compressed air is pricey.

Compressed air is meant to be a more cost-effective and versatile alternative to electrical power, if used efficiently and properly. This is because pneumatic tools are powered by compressed air, and pneumatic tools are far more powerful and efficient than electric tools. If you have a construction or manufacturing project, it will be more cost-effective for you in the long run to opt for pneumatic tools.

Compressed air is becoming more and more popular, especially in industrial applications. Knowing the facts and embellishments regarding this technology will help you utilize it better.

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