Air Compressors in Wastewater Treatment Plants
September 12, 2019

Industrial air compressors are used in some of the modern world’s most essential processes. Wastewater treatment is a prime example of this, processing untreated water and making it safe for human use. This is a complex process that requires many different state-of-the-art equipment to come together perfectly. Compressed air is often behind the power that this equipment receives.

According to some estimates, up to 80% of sewage, which is water that has already been used for human activity, is not treated before it is returned to the environment. This poses an immense threat not only to humans but also to the environment. The unpurified water returns to the environment, threatening wildlife habitat, environmental health, and even human safety through the spread of pathogenic bacteria.

So what role does compressed air play in this crucial process?

As you can imagine, the capability of industrial air compressors to facilitate powerful pumping and suction can be incredibly valuable to wastewater treatment.

Industrial air compressors can:

  1. Pump slurry liquids containing tough abrasives and higher viscosity
  2. Use suction capabilities to remove wastewater for the cleaning of sewer networks
  3. Supply the necessary pressure and oxygen for the purification process
  4. Power the central vacuum system of wastewater disposal
  5. Assist with the desalination process

Indeed, these handy and sturdy machines make a significant contribution to ensuring that our environment is cleaner and safer. The best types of industrial air compressors to use for this particular application including the reciprocating air compressor, rotary screw air compressor, and the oil-free air compressor. The last of these types of air compressors is perfectly suitable for any wastewater treatment plant that requires 100% oil-free air.

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