4 Most Surprising Applications of the Quincy Air Compressor
December 05, 2016

What are your first thoughts when you read “Quincy air compressor”? Most people think of industrial machinery. However, a Quincy air compressor has an inordinate amount of uses outside of the industrial sector. What many individuals do not know is that Quincy air compressors are used every day by people who are into particular hobbies. This article will list some of the most surprising uses of the Quincy air compressor.

Quincy air compressor applications that will surprise you:

  • Inflating tires is one of the most useful applications of the Quincy air compressor. Inflating tires is very important as it is one of the ways to make sure your vehicle is always safe. This job must be done regularly and having a handy Quincy air compressor at home will make the job easier. It can inflate tires of various vehicles—from bicycles, motorbikes, cars and vans.
  • For those of you dreaming about a white Christmas, then it is time to get that air compressor running to have your very own snow machine.
  • One of the most surprising applications of the Quincy air compressor is airbrush painting. It is used by many creatively inclined people and DIY enthusiasts who love to customize vehicles and other things. It can be used for airbrush painting the outside of a car, scooter or a motorbike. Painting the inside of a room becomes fast and easy when you apply the power of a Quincy air compressor.
  • If you love diving or underwater photography, then you should know that the air compressor is responsible for the air you breathe underwater. Air is delivered to the diver through aid of diving cylinders. The cylinder used for surface supplied diving uses low pressure while the scuba diving cylinder needs high pressure. Special types of air compressors are used in this application because they must meet strict safety requirements in order to assure the diver’s wellbeing. 
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