8 Steps to Effectively Clean Your Industrial Air Compressor Parts
November 18, 2016

 After using your air compressor for quite a while, you may notice that it’s beginning to falter. That is a sign that you need open it up and clean it. You can do it by yourself or you can hire someone from a cleaning company to do it for you. If you have the time, then why not, right? If you want to clean your industrial air compressor parts yourself,

Here are eight easy steps to do it.

  • -        Read the manual. Before you touch anything, read the manual first. It comes with cleaning instructions. Also, there may be warning and specific things that you need to look for that is stated in there. It is better to know everything about your industrial air compressor parts before opening it up.
  • -        Drain it. Get all the air out of the tank first by releasing the valves. Make sure that there is no air before opening it because it might come as an impact to you, causing injuries and a mess. After that, you have to drain the water. Don’t leave anything in the tank. Wipe out even the slightest moisture coming from the exhaust.
  • -        Scrub the tank clean. Use detergent and scrubs to do this. If your tank is not big, then it will be easy for you to reach the corners. Don’t leave any spot. Wash it after with clean water and let it dry.
  • -        Unclog the vents. The vents are most likely filled with dirt after months of using the industrial air compressor parts. Make sure that you check it regularly for debris. Dirt that is clogging the vent makes it hard for the air compressor to suck in air.
  • -        Examine the hoses. If you hear a hissing sound every single time you activate the industrial air compressor parts, then immediately check your hoses. A hole in an air compressor hose is big issue. You have to replace your hose especially when it is not possible to cover the holes.
  • -        Tighten clasps. Loose fasteners are dangerous. Not only does it waste air supply but it caps might also take an aerial flight and hit you in the face while using the compressor. Round your industrial air compressor to tighten all clasps. This is not something that you should ignore. Do this regularly.
  • -        Clean filters. Filters need replacement once or twice a year depending on the damages. The air passes through it regularly. All the tiny particles that comes with are filtered and left stuck. When cleaning filters, remember to handle them gently. Brush the dirt off. Use water for better results.
  • -        Change oil. If you are using an oil-lubricated compressor, you have to remember to change the everyday. Your machine won’t work optimally if it lacks oil or if its oil is dirty. Only avail on trusted oil suppliers.

The crucial part about cleaning is the assembly. Don’t forget where you pulled those caps from and the like. One missing screw will take a bad hit on your machine. If you have no idea how to do the cleaning, then hire skilled workers to get the job done. 

I AGREE completely. These days no one takes the steps to maintain their equipment. They just toss it and get a new one! Well I am of the opinion that you take care of your things, put in the effort and they will last you a long time. Maybe that's old fashioned but that's the way I was raised. I'm not going to waste my good money buying a new machine every time it breaks. Especially not when I can extend its service life with common sense upkeep!
Posted by: Robert Dunley | January 11, 2017, 2:56 pm
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