Filtration & Air Treatment

Super-Dry Air Filtration and Treatment

X Series - Compressed Air Filters

Superior Filtration for Increased Productivity with X Series Filters

Xebec/Super-Dry X Series filters effectively removes up to 99% of contaminants present in the compressed air.  Clean, quality compressed air maximizes air-tool service life, ensures that pneumatic machinery and control systems operate at the apex of their performance and keeps pipes & valves free from contaminants.


Simple Design.  Easy Maintenance.

Xebec/Super-Dry filters have lugs in the lower filter part to which the filter element is securely mounted, fastened and sealed when the housing is screwed tight. That eliminates the need for a tie rod, which allows the filter to be located only a few inches above ground level. A mechanical end stop prevents the housing thread from being overstressed and ensures easy opening of the filter housing even after prolonged operating periods. A hex-nut at the bottom of the bowl has been added for extra help. The filter element holder has guide paths in order for the filter element to be automatically locked in the holder when being installed.



• High flow capabilities
• Low differential pressure
• Long service life
• Reliable filtration
• Simple maintenance
• Float drain included
• High efficiency  pleated filter elements