Filtration & Air Treatment

Super-Dry Air Filtration and Treatment

D Series - dessicant air dryer

D Series compressed air dryer

Super-Dry Compressed Air Dryers contain two highly efficient polypropylene coalescer elements at inlet
& outlet ports to absorb oil and all solid air particles. Also included, one desiccant bag specifically designed
to absorb water vapors and humidity from your compressed air system.


Housings for Flows up to 300 SCFM Enhanced Performance
• Heavy duty aluminum casting for high durability
and corrosion resistance
• Powder coated exterior for added durability
• Special V-band stainless steel clamps permit easy
removal of covers for cartridge replacement
• Optimized air flow through housing minimizes
pressure drop
• Wall mounting brackets included
• 3 stages in one unit: separation, filtration and drying
• Easy replaceable self-contained desiccant cartridges
• High efficiency polypropylene coalescent elements
• Optimum filter efficiency even at low air flows
• 10 year warranty
• Life expectancy: 25 years
• Pressure dew point: - 40°F
• Max. working pressure: 150 PSIG