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Your Guide to Industrial Air Compressor Rentals
September 21, 2017

Are you waiting to have your industrial air compressor repaired? This is where an industrial air compressor rental comes in. 

Avoid downtime and opt for an industrial air compressor rental. In doing so, consider the following factors:

1.Service Life

One of the things to keep in mind is that industrial air compressor rentals have been used by many businesses. This may mean that parts are worn and motor power may be lower than its actual rating. To We suggest conducting a thorough checkup before accepting the rental. In addition, ask for the service record to get an idea of what parts have been replaced and/or repaired.

2.Differing Output

This occurs when several units of industrial air compressors are used simultaneously. The repairs or refurbishing done on different units of air compressors result in differences in the output, which can affect the air quality produced. When air compressors are lined up, the overall output may be lower than what is expected.

3.Differing Maintenance Requirements

This is very much the norm when the decision is to have a number of industrial air compressor rental units. These units have different lengths of available service to be done. Once each reaches their maximum level, they need to be serviced. Knowing the maintenance requirements of all your industrial air compressor rentals allows you to plan ahead and help ensure all units are running.

At ReapAir, we offer a competitive range of industrial air compressor rentals at affordable prices. For example, rent a 5HP air compressor for just $100/week or $300/month. Visit us online to browse our complete selection of Quincy air compressors and accessories from 5-1200 cfm at 100-125 psi. We ensure a hassle-free process with smooth delivery, installation and maintenance.  We are also on standby 24/7 with support staff to address an emergency issue with your industrial air compressor.

To request a quote and learn more, call us toll-free today at 1-888-253-7247!

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