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Why Your Facility May Need to Rent an Industrial Air Compressor
May 09, 2019

It may seem more sensible for a facility dependent on compressed air for its operations to purchase industrial air compressors, rather than rent them. Air compressor rental, however, has become such a common occurrence across industrial facilities that it is a regular, growing business in North America.



Here are a few reasons why renting an air compressor may be the better option for you.



Budget Constraints

A high-quality industrial air compressor comes with a high price tag, so newer or smaller businesses may only have the financial capability to rent an air compressor. Also, if a purchased air compressor breaks down beyond repair, the company may not have room in their budget for a brand-new system. In this case, renting for a while would help the company accumulate funds to eventually purchase a new compressor.


Filling In During Repairs

This is the most apparent reason why a facility would choose to rent a compressor. If one or more of your industrial air compressors breaks down suddenly, a stand-in compressor system would be needed to fulfil compressed air operations. A rental from a trusted air compressor supplier, such as ReapAir, will help you avoid losing production time or a complete facility shutdown. We have skilled technicians who can perform the necessary repairs on your industrial compressor equipment, and we can provide a high-quality rental in the interim.


Protecting Your Compressor Systems During Renovations

Facility renovations may impact your compressor equipment, and can even cause damage if the equipment is mishandled. Making use of rented industrial air compressors during facility updates or renovations can ensure that operations continue smoothly, and that your owned air compressors are protected during the renovation process.


Meeting Operational Demand

For a growing business that already owns an industrial air compressor, an additional compressor may be necessary to meet an increasing demand on the facility’s operational capacity. A rented compressor unit is the most affordable way to meet this demand until the company is able to purchase a second compressor. A compressor rental is also useful for keeping up with seasonal fluctuations in demand.


At ReapAir Compressor Services, we provide reliable industrial air compressors and accessories for rent to keep your facility operations running smoothly during repairs. Our team of technicians has the expertise to perform delivery, installation and repair services. Contact us today for all of your industrial air compressor needs in the Greater Toronto Area!

Great blog! Thanks for touching on renting a second compressor even after purchasing one to meet growing demand.
Posted by: Susan | May 17, 2019, 10:13 am
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