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What to Look for in an Air Compressor Receiver
May 23, 2019

The receiver is one of the most important industrial air compressor accessories, although its function appears to be rather simple: store compressed air. While this is the receiver’s main purpose, it performs other functions in the process. A receiver tank acts a buffer between the compressor and fluctuations in demand for compressed air, where stored air is used to meet peak demand for energy-intensive applications. In addition to this, the receiver removes water from the compressor system by cooling the compressed air. This compressor accessory is essential for maximizing efficiency, and investing in a quality receiver will have a positive impact on your facility’s operations.


It is always helpful to thoroughly research your options for industrial air compressor accessories before making a purchase.


There are specific considerations to keep in mind when purchasing a receiver tank—here is a list to help you find the best receiver for your compressed air applications.


1. Tested and Approved – Look for tested and approved receiver tanks to ensure that yours was manufactured by a professional with quality assurance and safety in mind. A tank built by a professional will have inspection openings.


2. Moisture Drain – The tank should also have a drain at the bottom, which you should inspect for obstructions and proper functioning


3. Relief Valve and Pressure Gauge – The receiver should be equipped with at least one pressure relief valve and a pressure gauge. When operating your compressed air system, the relief valve should be set at 10% higher than the working pressure of the system. This valve aids in the prevention of explosions caused by excessive pressure.


4. Tank Size – For your applications, you need a receiver that can hold at least 10-15 liters of air for each liter/second of compressed air flow required. Determine the tank size you need according to the air flow required at peak demand for your facility operations.


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This is a helpful blog! It's important to do your research before buying a receiver.
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