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What are the Different Functions of Industrial Air Compressors?
April 29, 2021

Compared to a standard air compressor found in homes, an air compressor made for industry settings differs on a number of factors. It can also be challenging to select one when the user is not fully aware of what industrial air compressors are designed for. These versions are significantly larger in size, and this is attributed to the tank where air is received. Greater capacity becomes available with an increase in the tank size. In addition, their engines are larger to achieve greater power. Adding each of these features together, more power is gained overall and a machine of this type can run for longer periods of time.


Industrial air compressors are available at ReapAir Compressor Services, and are useful in various areas, such as manufacturing, agriculture, and water treatment.


Which industries are they commonly a part of?

This equipment can be found in the following sectors, and may be incorporated in other processes:




Food and Beverage






Which tasks do they commonly perform?

Depending on the industry, an industrial air compressor is responsible for certain actions. In the realm of apparel, it aids with clamping, conveying, tool powering, actuators, controls, and automated mechanisms. Regarding the food industry, the compressor would assist when dehydration, bottling, applying coatings, conveying, cleaning, and vacuum packing are required. In terms of clay, glass, and stone material, the work conducted by it includes conveying, mixing, blending, as well as glass molding, blowing, and cooling. As a final example, an industrial air compressor in the textiles industry would be used for conveying, clamping, spinning, and creating textures.

ReapAir Compressor Services offers our clients industrial air compressors that meet their needs. Browse our website and contact us today for more information on the products and services we can provide you with.

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