The Vital Parts of an Industrial Air Compressor
October 07, 2016

 Air compressors come in different models depending on the manufacturing company. However, some industrial air compressor parts are common in every item. These are the ones which perform the basic functions of the compressor.

Compressor pump

Just as the name suggests,this part is used for squeezing air in to the system, it is then let go into a receiver. There are many types of compressors although the one which is mostly used is referred to as a two stage compressor. It compresses twice and can come up with about 145 to 175 psi of squeezed in air. It carries out the process by first using low pressure to press in air in to large volume cylinders and then into smaller volume cylinders using a very high pressure.


This type of industrial air compressor parts plays a role in powering the whole system. The two belts found in air compressor system and the pulley is powered by the use of this motor. A pulley is a substance which transfers power from the motor and transfers it to pistons in the pumps. Damages in the entire system are usually evaded by the installation of a magnet to cushion in case of an overload.


This is one of the most critical industrial air compressor parts when it comes to storage. The tanks differ in sizes ranging from a capacity of 1 to 10 gallons of compressed air. It is by far the biggest part of the entire air compressor system. The size to go for in a tank is determined by where it’s meant to be used for example if it’s to be applied in a garage or house setup, a maximum capacity of three gallons is recommended.

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Great start on the basics. Thanks!
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