The Most Common Types Of Industrial Air Compressor Models in Toronto
November 28, 2013

 An industrial air compressor Toronto is a significant piece of equipment that comes with a variety of uses. Primarily, this device is used to increase air pressure by reducing its volume. Basically, this piece of machinery helps transforms gas, making tools like high pressure cylinders, gas turbines and pneumatic nail guns work. Likewise, they provide life support in low air pressure and underwater environments as well as operate mechanical and domestic appliances like refrigerators.

There are four various types of industrial air compressors available on the market today. Obviously, these air compressors vary from each other, in terms of purpose and design. As a consumer and interested buyer of an industrial air compressor Toronto, it is essential that you know how each air compressor type works. By doing so, you will be able to find the air compressor best suited for your applications.

Centrifugal air compressors

Centrifugal air compressors are, for the most part, used in snow making equipment, internal combustion engines as well as small and medium sized gas turbines. Basically, this air compressor works by increasing fluid’s pressure through an impeller that accelerates the flow as well as diffuser that restricts its flow. Unlike other types of air compressors, the centrifugal compressor is fairly easy to maintain.

Piston air compressors

Piston compressors are mostly found and used in large machinery and automotive parts, such as refrigeration equipment, chemical plants and oil refineries. In addition, they are used in blowing plastic bottles that are made out of polyurethane terephthalate.  For the most part, piston compressors are noisy and bulky, and they are used in petroleum machines. A piston industrial air compressor Toronto is made up of cylinders, valves, crankshafts and of course, pistons.  

There are two types of piston compressors, namely the large compressors and the small piston compressors. The large piston compressors use up to 1,500 HP, while the small piston compressors operate using five to thirty horsepower.

Rotary screw compressors

Rotary screw compressors are commonly used in industrial equipment like construction machines. Basically, rotary screw compressors function similarly to the industrial piston air compressors, except that they work by filling up the space amidst the two helical screws.  When these two screws are turned, the space that is occupied by the air will eventually reduce. As a result of such reduction, there will be an increment in air pressure.  In many instances, lubricants are applied to these air compressors to prevent air leakage.

Rotary sliding vane compressor

The rotary sliding vane compressor is probably the oldest air compressor design. This industrial air compressor Toronto is made up of a rotor, a stator, as well as blades that would keep in contact the wall’s housing. When the compressor’s blades rotate, the air inside will get compressed. After that, the compressed air will be cooled down before it will be released into the air system.

This industrial air compressor Toronto runs more quietly than the piston and rotary screw air compressors. In many instances, this type of air compressor is used in air conditioning units, flight instruments, hydraulic pumps and automatic hydraulic pumps. 

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