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The Downsides of Fixing Your Air Compressors Yourself
January 22, 2020

Industrial air compressor maintenance is an incredibly important component of your business’ overall productivity. That is why some facility operators may be tempted to take matters into their own hands when experiencing unexpected downtime.


With that said, this is actually an extremely poor practice, not only because of safety, but because of the potential harm it could do to your machinery.


ReapAir Compressor Services offers a full range of services for this reason – so that our customers will be able to rely on us instead of trying to tackle technical issues on their own. There are numerous setbacks to trying to perform repairs on your own, including:


Potentially Worsening the Problem

Industrial air compressor repair is a complex process that requires in-depth understanding of the machinery. It is not enough to consult a manual or video – you need to be able to diagnose problems on your own and find the most suitable solution. After that, your implementation of the solution needs to be perfect. Professional technicians are trained to solve all kinds of unique problems quickly, whereas an untrained hand may end up causing additional issues.


Temporary Fixes

Sometimes, non-professional maintenance may be able to yield some results. With that said, these results almost always tend to be surface-level fixes that do little to combat the root of the problem, only serving to prolong the inevitable. This may lead to a waste of resources and money on unnecessary fixes, products, or parts.


Significant Safety Risks

Perhaps the most obvious downside of repairing your own compressors is that the safety risks are immense. Considering the industrial power of these machines, you do not want to put yourself, your team, and other machinery at risk by tampering with them.


If you encounter any issues with your compressors, the best thing to do is to call ReapAir Compressor Services. We make sure to offer well-rounded services that will tackle every aspect of air compressor health.

Industrial air compressor maintenance should always be done by professionals only!
Posted by: Peggy | January 29, 2020, 1:53 pm
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