The Different Parts of an Air Compressor System
June 06, 2016

There may be different types and models of air compressor but their parts comprising the system are almost the same such as the Quincy air compressor. Air compressors have gained popularity over the years because of its usefulness inside the house and it also serves as an efficient driver for power tools. In the simplest sense, an air compressor makes it possible for common power tools to function and it is useful when doing improvements projects inside the house as well as installations. Your power tools will only function properly if the air compressor is operating at its maximum power as well as efficiency. This implies that all the parts that made up an air compressor such as Quincy air compressor parts must be in good working condition. There are different parts of an air compressor system, no matter the model, such as Quincy air compressor parts. It is important to familiarize these parts and to know them to be able to have an understanding of how to maintain them and make them function in its optimum state all the time. This article will discuss the most common parts and their functions.

-        Motor. This is the part of an air compressor responsible in powering up the entire system. The motor powers the two belts inside the system as well as the pulley which is used to transfer the power coming from the motor and send it to the pump pistons. The transferring of power is accomplished with the help of a flywheel and crankshaft. A magnetic starter must be installed in the system because it helps the motor avoid any damage in case there is an overload.

-        Compressor Pump. The pump is the one responsible in compressing the air inside the system and then releases it into the receiver. The most common type of air compressor is a two-stage which needs two cylinder pumps to be able to operate. This type of air compressor is able to make around 145 to 175 psi of compressed air by doing the compressing two times. This is accomplished by compressing the air inside the large cylinder with lower pressure first and then onto the smaller one with higher pressure.

-        Tank. This is where all the compressed air is stored after. This is by far the biggest of all the air compressor parts. The amount of air it can store ranges from 1 to 10 gallons or more if the air compressor is for industrial purposes. If the air compressor is only to be used inside the house or for the garage then it is recommended to choose tanks that can hold up t 3 gallon of compressed air or less depending on the usage.

-        Pressure Switch. This is the one responsible in shutting down the motor of the system when the pre-set limit is reached. It will only resume its pumping if the pressure level lowers down to the pre-set limit. This is also referred to as the air regulator of the system.

-        Drain Valve. As the name implies, it makes sure that all debris, dirt, moisture and oil and ejected out of the system.

-        Pressure Gauge. This is the part responsible in measuring the air inside the tank of the compressor.

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