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Signs Your Air Compressor Needs Servicing
April 27, 2018

Keeping your air compressor running at peak efficiency requires regular maintenance and a responsive team. Quincy air compressor repair services are plentifully available in Toronto, but only a handful are authorized by Quincy, and fewer still have the technical and professional nous to keep your equipment running flawlessly.


ReapAir is one of the most trusted names in Toronto and the GTA when it comes to Quincy air compressor repair and servicing.


In fact, we maintain all types of industrial air compressors and carry spare parts for them too.


Here are some useful tips to keep you vigilant about any potential problems with your Quincy air compressor or if it’s just saying it’s time for some servicing. In either case, don’t delay your Quincy air compressor repair:


  • Lubrication – Air compressors are a culmination of heavy duty but intricate joints, seals and machinery. Check to see the oil levels in your compressor. Lower than expected oil levels are a sign that oil is being lost somewhere – possibly in leaks.
  • Excessive noise – Deviations from the sound normally produced during operation suggests a loose bearing, flywheel or belt. An early repair of any such malady is essential to prevent excessive damage to that and surrounding components.
  • Oil contamination – Worn piston rings, broken seals or loose bolts or poor ventilation can contaminate the oil and make it milky. An oil replacement should be enough if caught at an early stage, however with prolonged use of contaminated oil the risk of damage to internal components is significant, and the compressor must be checked thoroughly.
  • Low pressure – Insufficient air pressure in the tank can be as a result of an air leak, or some system or compressor fault. A qualified service professional will be able to identify the issue, which can be otherwise difficult to diagnose if the issue is something inconspicuous as rust in the metal piping.
  • Belt wear – Excessive belt wear is a consequence of misalignment, the belt being too tight or too loose. Belt adjustments sound simple at first blush, but the exacting fine-tuning that it takes to seat it just so require professional servicing.
  • Electricals – It is rare to see a Quincy air compressor need repairs for a blown fuse or other electrical malfunction. However, if such is occurring regularly or the compressor is tripping off regularly, having it looked at is essential. Not just operational inefficiencies, this can mean safety hazards too.
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