Saving Energy with Variable Speed Drives
October 21, 2019

The Quincy QGV Series (Variable Speed) is one of our favourite Quincy air compressor models, and with good reason. The QGV series gives users a choice of drive systems, including variable speed drives, bringing about 10% more efficiency than previous compressor systems. Considering the sizeable expense of energy bills for industrial facilities, every small improvement can go miles in helping businesses increase their bottom line.

You may be wondering what a variable speed drive is.

A variable speed drive allows you to adjust motor speed, force, and torque according to the needs of any application. The main purpose of this is to be as energy-efficient as possible, and it also helps reduce wear and tear on your system over time.

Here is a breakdown of the benefits of a variable speed drive:

1. Reduces energy costs – Businesses have the opportunity to reduce energy costs by as much as 70% if variable speed drives are installed and used correctly on your Quincy air compressor. Operations that are too slow or too fast for their application will end up over-consuming energy or producing wasted compressed air energy.

2. Preserves AC motor – Without a variable speed drive, the AC motor is initiated full-throttle, which requires up to eight times the current just to get things started. Other connected devices can also experience mechanical shock whenever an abrupt startup is initiated. Over time, this not only consumes energy, it will also lead to quicker damage on your motor and other parts.

3. Provides control over speed – This allows for more convenience and precision, maximizing the efficiency and output of your machines. More importantly, it allows for flexibility – different machines have different quirks when it comes to starting up, and having a variable speed drive gives you the ability to tailor the starting speeds to the machine.

Having a Quincy air compressor with a variable speed drive is highly beneficial, leading to a healthy bottom line and easier operations. Get in touch with us to learn more about this Quincy air compressor model!

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