Quincy Air Compressors and the Energy Industry
November 23, 2018

Industrial air compressors play a vital role in maintaining incredibly important aspects of the energy generation industry in North America and abroad. Specifically, the energy exploration field benefits enormously from the versatile nature of the industrial air compressor and related systems, and, in particular, from Quincy air compressors that are designed to operate in the harsher environments demanded by the industry as a whole.


Quincy air compressors commonly power equipment on drilling platforms, especially on those that are stationed offshore. Maintaining offshore drilling platforms might be one of the most significant power-related difficulties faced by the energy generation industry. When equipment fails offshore — as is fairly common, considering the demanding work, humid and salty air, and constant demand — replacements tend to be a problem. After all, it’s not as though an Air Energy technician can simply drive over to an offshore platform to perform repairs — a broken or malfunctioning piece of equipment will likely cause an immediate and significant drop in efficiency that will last for days.


In these situations, Quincy air compressors are ideal for overcoming the challenges associated with energy generation.


Any air compressor that has been specifically designed with energy generation in mind is a worthwhile investment for a company or entity involved in the industry. In a world where failure and malfunction are simply unaffordable, Quincy air compressors enable reliable powering for operating machinery, and also provide some measure of flexibility and mobility for the tasks that require them.


Few machines are quite as versatile as Quincy air compressors, and this means that there is a Quincy compressor available for many unique applications, for unique businesses across North America. Air Energy is a longstanding provider of Quincy machines, and we are always more than happy to help you find exactly the right compressor for your industrial use.

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