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Classes of Quincy Air Compressors
June 28, 2017

There are various classes of air compressors under the Quincy brand. These are unique classes defined by various features as detailed below.


The 3 Types of Quincy Air Compressor Classification


  • Mode of cooling
  • Operational traction and efficiency
  • Energy consumption


Mode of Cooling

Quincy air compressor machines can be separated into oil and oil-free cooling systems. Under this classification, oil-cooled compressors have a stream of cold oil circulated through their engines to safeguard the components from overheating. The oil-free option consists of advanced compressors that utilize a jet of cold air to control the heat emanating from the motor during operation.


Operational Basis

Quincy air compressors can be either rotary or piston based. Rotor compressors are run through a rotary screw and often form a heavy duty selection of Quincy compressors suitable for various industrial applications. They are ideal for industrial processes requiring highly pressurized air for heavier applications.  

On the other hand, the piston-based Quincy compressors act by pushing fluids through a piston. They are also called reciprocating compressors and are best suited for low to medium compression applications. These compressors are best suited for use in the oil and gas processing industry.    


Energy Consumption

Although most Quincy air compressor machines have low energy consumption, there’s a new category specializing in eco-friendly compression. These can be tested through rigorous evaluation of their performance against Quincy’s own EQ (Efficiency Quotient). This allows you to define the baseline efficiency of a given Quincy air compressor and weigh its output against the recommended industry standards.

This leads to some compressors being classed as energy efficient, while others are classed as energy inefficient. With each modern compressor coming with a sticker that confirms their energy efficiency, always watch out for more efficient compressors as they save you money.

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Quincy is definitely a good brand, thankyou for helping me discover their machines!
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