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Managing Air Leaks in Air Compressors
November 27, 2020

An industrial air compressor often uses a considerable amount of energy during a typical work cycle. If you sum up all the expenses of operating your facility, any savings you can get can help you boost your bottom line. With air compressors, such savings also means efficiency.


One great way you can achieve this with your air compressors is by managing air leaks.


Eliminating air leaks as much as possible is very important, and can help you save money in operating an industrial air compressor. Remember that most of the energy consumed every work cycle turns to heat and only about 20% produces air power. So, in effect, if leaks and other operating issues occur, the efficiency of the equipment decreases even more. Therefore it is strongly recommended for you to regularly inspect your compressed air system for any potential leaks and conduct maintenance if needed.


Performing anti-leak preventative maintenance will help you achieve reduced compressor energy costs consistently. Just make sure that during a routine checkup, every area must be inspected to prevent the formation of any leaks. When it comes to stopping new leak formation, the various parts of your industrial air compressor must be thoroughly checked, both inside and out, because all sorts of problems can result in new leaks. Pay more attention to places that are vulnerable to cracks such as the pipes, connection points, as well as the filters and drains to make sure that no water or dust has accumulated within the system.


Finally, as most leaks can be difficult to detect because they are either located in hard-to-reach areas or the rupture may not be large enough to be heard, an ultrasonic leak detector might be necessary. This device can detect even some of the faintest or smallest leaks possible. Detecting them earlier can help prevent leading to costlier repair issues or worse replacement for your industrial air compressor.


Make sure you give your trusted technicians at ReapAir a call for professional leak detection and repair services.


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