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Major Criteria for Selecting Industrial Air Compressor
September 28, 2020

Are you planning to purchase an industrial air compressor? Before making you final decision, you need to make sure you have selected a model that perfectly suits your requirements as buying this machine is a big investment. It is vital to consider the essential factors that impact your compressed air needs. When consulting with a sales representative, make sure you carefully go over the criteria below in order to ensure you are making the right decisions:


Sufficient Power

When it comes to industrial air compressors, it is important to choose a unit that meets your power requirements. The way to determine this is to sum up the cubic feet per minute rating for all of the pneumatic tools you are using and then add another 25% to that for a margin for error. The machine’s pound-force psig (per square inch gauge) should meet or even exceed your highest-rated tool. 


Right Tank Size

Choosing the right tank size for your industrial air compressor often depends on the type of air tool it’s for and its applications. If you primarily use tools such as staplers and nailers that need short yet intermittent air pressure, a smaller tank size would do but for tools likes grinders, sanders and other tools that run for a longer time, a bigger tank is suitable.


Application Location

Most industrial air compressors are designed to be used in a fixed location. These units are usually bigger and more powerful and have huge tanks for more air storage capacity. But, if your business requires mobile applications such as the case in construction, portable air compressors are a perfect option. Though they can’t match the power output of a stationary unit, they bring the benefit of mobility so that you can move from one work site to another. 


Taking account of all these factors will help you successfully select the most appropriate model for your air compression needs. This is what we specialize in here at Reap Air: providing customers with the most energy-efficient and innovative industrial air compressor solutions for any application.




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