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Industrial Air Compressor Accessories: Everything You Need to Know About Filters
July 12, 2021

Pressure drops in compressors signify a small part of a huge, evolving problem that is a result of dirty air intakes and poor filters. Air filters are crucial industrial air compressor accessories because they remove air contaminants that can shorten lifespans and enormously affect the industrial air compressor's performance.


Here is everything you need to know about filters as industrial air compressor accessories:


The Level of Clean Air That Compressors Need

Air compressors require the cleanest and purest air possible. Air filters need to block fine and ultrafine particles at 2.5 microns and 0.1 microns in size respectively. When buying crucial industrial air compressor accessories, you'll need air filters to filter microns at this level. You can consult with your air compressor's official distributor or the manufacturer regarding the filters you need.


Measuring Filtration Efficiency

Here are some examples of filtration efficiencies that particular industrial air compressors need.

  • Pneumatic systems need 0.3-1-micron filters
  • Air compressors working with paint lines need 0.1 microns
  • Medical, food and pharmaceutical air compressors need a 0.01-micron filter that has to be frequently observed and replaced to ensure proper vapour, aerosol, and contaminant removal.


Types of Filters Available

Here are all the market-available filters for virtually every air compressor in any industry. Learn more about each one below.

  • Dry Particulate Filters: Removes dry dust and particulates
  • Coalescing Filters: Removes particulate and air contaminants
  • Adsorption Filters: Remove gas and vapour


Filter Maintenance

Generally, most filters do not need to be maintained but rather replaced. Once your see signs of poor performance, such as a dirty or worn appearance, you will need to replace your filter.


Air intake filters typically require replacements every 2,000 hours or even sooner in dirty and dusty environments. Inline filters will need replacements if you notice pressure drops. If there are no pressure drops, it's safe to replace them once they reach 8,000 hours of use.


Get the Best Filters for Your Air Compressors Today

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