Importance of Air Compressor Unloader Valve in the Compression Cycle
April 24, 2017

An air compressor unloader valve is a critical component of the most eccentric industrial air compressor parts. It helps in bridging the gap between the compressed and uncompressed air cycles in the compression chamber. To achieve this, the valve creates a cyclic switch-over in the flow and exit of the compressed air. By separating the two, the compressed air is kept away from the uncompressed air flowing into the chamber.


At times it's impossible to know its importance until it fails, an instance in which the compressor cannot start. Malfunctioned valves will also lead to lower compression levels when achieved. When it functions correctly, the valve eases the flow of the uncompressed air into the compression chamber while allowing for systemic pumping of the compressed air through the outlet. This is achieved by creating a significant pressure drop during the regular cycle of pumping and compressing the air. Ranking among the most intricate industrial air compressor parts, the valve should be safeguarded from contamination by dust and other external materials. These lead to considerable decline in the compressor’s overall performance.


For constantly reliable performance during the useful life of a compressor, it is critical to periodically undertake maintenance practices aimed at restoring broken parts, or lubricating the moving ones. This helps in giving your compressor the synergy required in delivering an exceptional torque even at its old age. As most compressor professionals advise, it is important to have your industrial air compressor parts and other accessories sourced from a reliable supplier. The manufacturer or their appointed agents should offer a satisfactory service whenever called upon.


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