How an Unloader Compressor Valve Works
February 10, 2017

 An unloaded valve is a critical component of an air compressor system. The centrally located valve ensures systematic release of the trapped air. By responding to the release of the air, the valve breaks the circuit, turning off the base motor operation. Multi-cylindrical engines with piston operations might have air containment trapped within, and the opening of the valves leads to systemic release of the air within. As the air vents out, the load carriage on the compressor is eased leading to consequential closure of the valve opening. More advanced industrial air compressor rental services and retailers in Toronto now offer compressors with both options, so watch out for the best option.

Since the valves’ compressors have higher operational performance, you might consider having one that comes loaded with the internal valve. Optionally, you might have an intern Condor valve fitted on your existing compressor. This allows you to synchronously add an On/Off function to the pump by creating an automated air-controlled opening for the intra-piston air trapping to be evacuated.


Opening of the valve

The Unloader valve opens through an electro-mechanical process where an electric current initiates a mechanical process that runs to completion after the current is disconnected.  As the pressure inside the compression chamber changes, the valve opens and closes in response to the pressure changes. Excessive pressure in the chamber compresses the unloader’s pin leading to air opening through the valve walls. Consequently, any air trapped in the valve and compression chamber cavities vents out. As a precaution, consider having the valves inspected before getting your service from the industrial air compressor rental service near you. It will save you lots of downtime costs and the need to hire out additional capacity.


Closing of the valve

As the cavity pressure in the compression chamber declines, a notable decline in the pressure on the Unloader valve pin is recorded. This leads to simultaneous tripping of the valve’s arm leading to a complete shut down, preventing further air flow.


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