Everything You Need to Know About Renting an Air Compressor
August 23, 2019

Industrial air compressors are crucial to the operations of many industries today. They are the often-uncredited workhorse of manufacturing plants, supplying a powerful flow of compressed air and allowing for continuous energy generation that meets the needs of high-performing plants. In fact, compressed air is often the only option for industries that can only work with non-heat producing power, such as the agriculture industry.

As such, many businesses are looking to acquire the best industrial air compressors. To broaden the options available for businesses out there, ReapAir Compressor Services provides industrial air compressor rental services on top of supplying a range of brand new and versatile Quincy air compressors.

Who should opt for an industrial air compressor rental?

Industrial air compressor rental is ideal for short-term operations, such as construction projects, wherein a long-term investment in an air compressor does not make as much sense. In addition, factories or plants that have sent their air compressor unit for repair can avoid downtime by renting an air compressor until the repairs are done.

What are the benefits of renting air compressors?

Considering how cost-efficient rentals are thanks to the reduced maintenance, operation, and insurance costs, renting makes much more sense financially, provided you are not looking for long-term applications.

While budgetary constraints are probably the biggest plus-point for an industrial air compressor rental, there are other benefits that rentals offer:

  • Inventory regulation: keeping your equipment inventory to a minimum may be a huge bonus for smaller businesses or companies engaged in more sporadic projects.
  • Space conservation: you can effectively eliminate the need for storage and warehousing by renting your air compressor instead of having a permanent unit. This also frees up space in your work area for other equipment, which can be an important factor if you have a smaller facility.
  • Increase production capability: seasonal peak demand can prompt a facility to rent additional air compressors to increase its capability to get more work done more efficiently.

What are the services offered with an industrial air compressor rental?

ReapAir Compressor Services offers a complete range of services with all our air compressors. After you have chosen from our variety of our air compressor rentals, ranging from 5HP to 200HP, you can expect timely delivery of your unit – it is one of our chief goals to help you reduce downtime as much as possible.

We also strive to provide faster installation and repair services compared to other service providers as well as 24/7 customer care to ensure that you are always supported. If you are looking for an industrial air compressor rental, you are in the right place.

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