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Choosing the Best Industrial Air Compressor Rental Unit
January 21, 2021

Renting an industrial air compressor is an ideal solution to address your short-term air compression needs. Industrial air compressor rental is also a great option if you already have an existing system that needs repairs or maintenance and you don’t want to fall behind on your work orders; this becomes more urgent if production delays can lead to huge losses. Renting a unit can fill in your operational needs until your own air compressor is functioning again. Units for rent are available in different sizes, capabilities, and mobility types. In the renting process you have to choose the model that matches your tools and application requirements. 


To help guide you in picking the right one, here are the important technical points to carefully consider. 


  • CFM: this stands for cubic feet per minute, which is the unit measurement for the amount of pressurized air you need. Your industrial air compressor rental must give you enough CFM that exceeds the total compressed air requirements of all the tools you power with it. 


  • PSI: this refers to the per square inch rating that determines the amount of air pressure the equipment can deliver. Pneumatic tools require different psi to operate, so it’s better to know more about it before placing your industrial air compressor.


  • Power: this means the specific type of power source for the compressor. When you have indoor projects, an electric-powered air compressor is the ideal rental solution to opt for. Conversely, gas-powered air compressors discharge fumes, which is well suited for outdoor applications or in areas with enough ventilation. 


  • Tank: industrial air compressor rental typically comes in different tank sizes. So, choose the one with enough capacity for your application. A bigger tank is suited for running tools that demand a continuous supply of compressed air, such as sandblasters. On the other hand, a smaller tank size fits tools that call for only short bursts of air, such as nail guns.


If you’re looking for a team of experts to walk you through the rental process, contact us at Reap Air to learn about our full range of products available!


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