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Applications of Industrial Air Compressors In Wine-Making
June 11, 2021

All our talk about industrial air compressors revolves around their heavy-duty, construction, and manufacturing-oriented practices. However, they have a great role in the F&B industry, and it's not just as liquid vending machine vectors and engines. For example, they are involved in virtually every step of the process of wine-making.


Here are the uses of industrial air compressors in the wine-making industry:


Bottle Manufacturing

Industrial air compressors are an integral cornerstone of bottle manufacturing. The clean oxygen they provide makes them crucial in bottle manufacturing operations, including the thick and temperature-neutral wine bottles necessary for aesthetic and functional purposes. Without air compressors, wine bottles will take a while to produce -- and will probably much more expensive than usual.


Oxygen Generators

Wine needs oxygen to soften and breathe before it enters its respective bottles. Industrial air compressors play an integral role in providing the correct oxygen amount for each bottle. Take note that a small variance in oxygen generation will introduce a massive difference in wine taste. Therefore, precision oxygen generator variation is key to success.


Grape Crushers

Crushing machines are a common accessory of heavy-duty air compressors. A heavy-duty air bladder inside the crusher provides the right amount of stomping force to crush the grapes and other ingredients during the wine-making process. We're sorry if this changed your romantic perspective of people stomping on grapes to create wine (that is unsanitary by modern food production standards).


Label Affixation

Lastly, compressed air is a crucial component in attaching labels to wine bottles. It can accurately spray wet adhesive amounts with a specific accessory. In doing so, it affixes labels consistently, allowing brands to introduce a luxurious bottle of wine for their customers.


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