3 Essential Things You Should Know About Air Compressors
July 23, 2020

There’s no doubting the utility Quincy air compressors provide. Useful for many high-power operations across a large array of industries, it’s clear that air compressors are an essential part of ensuring the efficiency of regular industrial operations. If you’re in the market for a new industrial air compressor however, there are a few things that you should know. 


In today’s blog our goal is to inform your decision-making process by providing you with 3 essential things you should know when purchasing a new Quincy air compressor. Read on to learn more.


Tank Sizing

Air compressor tanks store air, and are an essential factor when deciding what type of air compressor you need. Ultimately, when selecting a Quincy air compressor, it’s best advised to ask just how much compressed air you’ll need. Smaller jobs, such as powering hand held power tools for example, are well-suited to smaller tank options. For jobs that necessitate the use of a continuous air flow, larger tank sizes are more suitable.

Power Needs

Another essential factor that you should consider when purchasing a new air compressor is power. What are your power needs? When it comes to air compressors, pounds per square inch (PSI) ratings indicate the air compressor unit’s power capacity. You’ll need a unit that is capable of accommodating your regular power needs effectively. 

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle can be understood as the amount of time it takes for the compressor unit to run before it overheats. It is written as the percentage of time in which the unit runs through a ten minute time period. A higher duty cycle rating on an air compressor unit will generally mean that it is suitable for applications that need continuous operational power.  


Final Thoughts

While the above factors are essential factors that you should consider before purchasing an air compressor, it’s also best advised that you conduct your own research. There exist a number of factors that should be considered when buying a new unit, especially if your application or operational needs are more heavy-duty. If you’re ever confused, always consult the opinion of qualified air compressor professionals. They will be able to effectively assess your operational needs, and provide you with a suitable product solution. 


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