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The Quincy QGV Series
July 04, 2019


Among their many products, Quincy has designed and manufactured a series of variable speed rotary screw compressors: the QGV Series.


A Quincy air compressor in this series can range from 40 to 200 hp, and comes equipped with a variable speed drive (VSD) to allow for the adjustment of operating speed.


Features of the Series

Quincy Compressor aims to reduce the cost of ownership and the need for maintenance of industrial air compressors. They’ve achieved this with their QGV Series through the implementation of a low demand mode, which prevents rapid cycling at times when the demand for compressed air is low. In low demand mode, when the pressure rises above a set threshold the compressor unit will stop operating if compressed air demand falls below turndown capacity. This maximizes efficiency and increases the longevity of your compressor. Here are some of the unique features the QGV Series offers:


  • One of the most stable pressures available
  • Flex-drive airend with 100,000 hour design
  • Low demand mode
  • Heavy duty intake filter
  • Low noise levels (as low as 68 dBA)
  • Touch-screen module for real-time performance monitoring


The Benefits of a Variable Speed Drive

The main application of a variable speed drive in Quincy air compressor is to adjust the speed of a motor according to the power needs of a particular application, as opposed to having a motor run at a constant speed regardless of demand. The use of a variable speed drive prevents slow operations from using excessive amounts of energy and the occurrence of damage to equipment from perpetually fast motions. Here are some additional benefits of a variable speed drive:


  • Constant pressure
  • Protection against power surges
  • Reduced energy costs


At ReapAir Compressor Services, we have been providing our customers with high-quality air compressors, parts and accessories since in 1981. Over our nearly four decades in the industry, we have established partnerships with reputable manufacturers, such as Quincy Compressor. These partnerships allow us to ensure that our customers have access to the best equipment available on the market. Contact us today if you’re looking for a Quincy air compressor!

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