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Investing in Quality Pipework for Your Compressor
June 14, 2019

Industrial air compressors consist of many parts, all of which must be fully functional in order for the system to operate smoothly. One component of an industrial air compressor that is likely to be neglected, even in the purchasing process, is the pipework.


Investing in quality pipework products for your air compressor will help prevent pressure loss, rust, and ultimately the need for repairs in the future.


Types of Piping

Piping for industrial air compressors can be manufactured with the following types of materials:


  • Copper
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Iron (galvanized or black)


Traditionally, compressor pipework was made of iron, steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel and copper. You can still find piping made of these materials today, as well as aluminum and different types of plastic.


Steel is a more durable and expensive pipe material, while plastic pipework is more economical and easier to manipulate and install. Plastic or stainless steel piping are ideal for oil-free compressors, as these materials are non-corrosive. Stainless steel is also able to withstand oil and water, making it an ideal piping material for a variety of compressors.


Iron piping is accessible and easy to install, but is vulnerable to corrosion, resulting in the production of debris and damage in pneumatic tools. Copper is a great option for those who require corrosion-resistance piping; however, it is expensive and requires a time-consuming installation process.


The Benefits of Aluminum Pipework

Aluminum has a become a popular material for the manufacturing of air compressor piping, as it offers unique benefits that other materials do not. We supply aluminum pipework products, such as hollow bar systems, modular air trolleys and swinging arm brackets, from Teseo, a trusted manufacturer of aluminum piping for compressed air applications. Here are the benefits of using aluminum pipework in industrial air compressors:


  • Minimal pressure drop
  • No build-up of debris
  • Corrosion and leak resistance
  • Lightweight


At ReapAir Compressor Services, we have been providing our customers with reliable air compressors and service since 1981. Since our establishment, we have built a reputation for supplying high-quality compressor systems and parts. We also have staff members with the expertise to assist you with renting or purchasing the ideal compressor unit for your needs. Contact us today if you’re looking for industrial air compressors and accessories in the Greater Toronto Area!

It's important to invest in good pipework for your air compressor. Quality pipework makes all the difference!
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