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The parts to own for your industrial air compressor in the new decade
March 05, 2020

With the right parts, your industrial air compressor can become a powerhouse of productivity for everything from simple nailing work to elaborate road renovations using pneumatic jackhammers.


While designed for rugged usage and activities, air compressors require a special set of parts to help prolong service life and long-term performance.


Facilities that maximize their compressors’ performance are found to exploit a certain collection of parts, some of which include:



Ambient air generates heat as it passes through the compression process. Filters remove impurities while maintaining high-velocity compressed air as a result. Affordable and accessible filters from suppliers such as ReapAir can prevent moisture and condensate from contaminating compressed air during operation.


Post-operation coolers/aftercoolers

Aftercoolers for an industrial air compressor accelerate its cooldown state. This is convenient when your unit has to work for prolonged hours during a project. Air compression produces high levels of heat, which causes vaporisation. The ubiquity of this air compressor part is as a result of it being able to cool down your unit, extract vapor and quickly drain it, and improve compressed air quality and strength.


Air regulators

Most equipment will require a specific amount of compressed air to function efficiently. Without an air regulator, nailguns would receive the same amount of compressed air that a jackhammer receives. As you might have guessed, this produces an abundance of waste in the process. For these reasons, air regulators are a staple part for many companies.


Airline lubricators

While not strictly an accessory for your industrial air compressor and more along the lines of a supplementary maintenance product, most every company can extract substantial benefits from airline lubricators. Most machines, air compressors included, require lubricating oil for articular surfaces, preventing accelerated wear and tear, and efficient function.


Roll Cages

Intensive operations demand substantial volumes of power from your air compressor. Vibrations and intense forces increase the risk of your unit knocking over during operation. Most air compressor manufacturers include roll cages, but you can purchase advanced roll cages for specifically-powered air compressor units that guarantee a grounded center of gravity, improved stability, and more.


Safety parts that extend air compressor lifespan and performance

Prolong your air compressor's lifespan and performance with preventative and safety-oriented parts for your industrial air compressor. If you need the best safety accessories available in the market, we at ReapAir Compressor Services continue to provide excellent resources for Toronto companies since 1981. Check out our listings today!

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