Why Quincy QGV Variable Speed Compressor Is A Top Choice
March 03, 2020

Quincy variable speed compressors offer major advantages as they provide reduced overhead costs by offering regulated airflow for a broad range of applications. What makes these variable speed compressors distinguishable from other types is the high-quality Quincy air compressor parts that regulate the operating speed of the equipment, saving energy consumption.

The key to a variable speed compressor is its special drive feature that enables operators to control airflow speed based on the needs of the project. Among the plenty of air compressors available, the Quincy QGV variable speed rotary screw air compressor produces some of the most consistent air pressure. It features a flex-drive air end that allows it to work for up to 100,000 hours with optimal efficiency. In addition, the Quincy air compressor parts are easy to maintain and are not costly to operate. There is a wide array of benefits that the variable speed design provides, which include the following:


Lower energy consumption


It can be difficult to determine what type of machine will offer the best cost-efficient solutions. For variable speed compressors, reduced energy consumption is the greatest benefit that it offers. Built into the compressor is a motor that adjusts its speed in accordance with the application needs. Although the machine is constantly producing air, it can also be turned off during periods of low demand. Installing this type of equipment along with reliable Quincy air compressor parts can help you save on your energy bills every month.


Delivery of constant pressure


If your application requires air pressure at an exact consistency and volume then variable speed compressors are the perfect solution. Variable speed compressors will maintain constant air pressure and will adjust the motor speed accordingly.


Prevention of excess power


Finally, the compressed air rates and speeds that are established by the operator in the machine’s settings will be produced at exactly the same amount, avoiding you from worrying about unexpected pressure jolt and power surges.


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