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The Benefits of Diligent Maintenance for Industrial Air Compressors
May 24, 2021

Heavy-duty industrial air compressors are a valuable asset when your operation needs compressed air. However, to ensure that your equipment is working at its very best, it has to be maintained regularly. Though many may dread the idea of routine or scheduled maintenance, thinking it is another cost, the truth is that it is a very necessary yet affordable thing. Frequent maintenance can help save you on the costs of repairs and replacement for your air compressor later on.


Here is a breakdown of industrial air compressor maintenance:


Some of the maintenance tasks that you or your industrial air compressor operator can do include checking the valves, draining moisture traps, inspecting filters, draining water from the receiver tank, and inspecting parts that are prone to leaks. Other simple maintenance steps also include wiping down the air compressor and its accessories, replacing the intake dryers and filters on a regular basis, as well as checking for any potential air leakage and getting the belt tension checked once a month. These are just some of the maintenance steps that should be done regularly to make sure that there are no serious issues plaguing your equipment. Aside from these simple steps, you should schedule preventative maintenance appointments with a professional team, and save more advanced maintenance or repair work for the experts as well.



What happens if you do not maintain your air compressor? It’s important to know that compressed air normally has a variety of harmful contaminants due to impurities present in the air stream. These include dust, pollen, gas, and other pollutants. Hence, if you do not check the air filter regularly to see if it needs replacement, you may suffer serious consequences. The inconveniences it brings may cost you big repairs or replacements or damage your business reputation. This is why maintaining your industrial air compressor is crucial to ensure that it works well and won’t bring unwanted repair costs down the line.  


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