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4 Benefits of Upgrading Your Industrial Air Compressor
May 13, 2021

An industrial air compressor can last for decades with effective maintenance and use. However, even their maximum efficiency might not be enough for your continuously scaling operations after a while. As such, despite their years of good use left, you may have to upgrade your air compressor.


Here are four critical signs it's time for you to upgrade your industrial air compressors:


Next-Level Productivity Boosts

Industrial air compressor manufacturers keep improving their earlier models through continuous design improvement and innovations. While they're quite an investment, new machines guarantee the best next-level boosts companies need to optimize time and meet milestones as fast as possible.


Prevent Massive Breakdowns

An industrial air compressor can break down for many reasons. However, modern air compressors have advanced fault-logging systems, allowing technicians to understand completely the processes involved that possibly caused the breakdown. New air compressor technologies continue to evolve daily. Therefore, if you have an air compressor effectively performing for more than 20 years, it's wise to let it retire or sell it to give way to newer, much more productive machines.



Air compressor design trends have seen these machines continuing to get smaller all while their capability and compatibility has increased. If your facility has limited space, selling the old yet capable machine for a space-saving, top-performing, and next-generation air compressor is an excellent business move.


Compatibility with Other Process Machines

A manufacturing and fabrication facility is a holistic system that seeks operational stability, which is the groundwork of excellent logistics. However, an aged air compressor may be incompatible with new parts and systems and as such, you will need a new machine to guarantee smooth operations.


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