Quincy Air Compressors: Analyzing Your System’s EQ Rating
March 28, 2018

Quincy air compressors have been proven to be reliable and durable for many years. They are very useful in numerous applications across industries including agriculture, automotive, energy and power generation. But despite of their strengths and capabilities, it is best to ensure that they function in the most energy efficient way to keep your operating expenses low. This can be done by determining the efficiency quotient (EQ) rating and undergoing a full performance and financial analysis.


EQ is the industry standard to evaluate the overall efficiency of your system, which you can best manage with respected equipment like Quincy air compressors.


The benefits of having a high EQ rating are tremendous. It means you have optimally performing air compressor systems and stable pressure. It means a reduction in energy consumption, it improves performance, enhances consistency, and increases productivity in any plant or facility.


When undertaking an EQ analysis of Quincy air compressors we make sure to employ these three main processes:


Step 1: Determine Existing EQ Rating

To start the analysis, our technician will conduct a free walkthrough to complete the EQ rating worksheet. This step is to identify the existing EQ rating compressors and the operating costs of your system along with its potential cost reduction.


Step 2: Perform Quincy EQ Analysis

This second step is on-site, connecting the EQ Analyzer during normal production or operation. This is a device that records the performance of your industrial air compressors and the pressure levels of your system. The information gathered by the representative will then be combined with the recorded data from the Analyzer for final analysis.


Step 3: Evaluate EQ Analysis Report and Action Plan

Report of the analysis includes financial projections that also indicate ROI calculation on the suggested capital investment and action plan, which details the specific recommendations including the costs to increase your system’s EQ. Tables and charts of your system’s performance will be provided detailing both the existing and recommended system performance.  


ReapAir can provide you with complete EQ analysis, looking at your operating costs and the potential for cutting down with the implementation of new equipment and accessories. The final result will help you save capital by enhancing the efficiency of your compressors. At Reapair, we are proud to carry quality equipment like Quincy air compressors that are supported by expert technicians with experience. Contact us today to learn more!

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