What Drives the Growing Market of Industrial Air Compressor Rental Industry
March 23, 2018

An analysis of the North American industrial air compressor rental industry indicates yearly sales of about $855 million both for oil-free and oil-flooded models. Diesel air compressors dominate the market but with the more stringent regulations on emissions, electric compressors are being considered more.


The growth of the rental market is driven by many factors. These include a shift from purchasing with capital investment to renting with operating expenditure; failures of aging units and need for replacement; ever-changing emission standards; and the growth in the refining and petrochemical sector. 


This then results in users resorting to industrial air compressor rental instead of buying new units.


Employing rented air compressors provides a more cost-effective option to small enterprises, to businesses looking for a temporary solution or for short-term projects.  


The compressor that will be used, whether variable speed or fixed speed, depends upon the main purpose of the unit. If the process requires different speeds of the compressor, then you need to rent a variable speed model.


The Quincy QGV Series are units that are integrated with variable speeds. They use Nema premium TEFC drive motors with low sound enclosures. They also use Q-Control microprocessor with cellular connectivity. They also have features that restart automatically once power failure occurs. They are designed to last more than 100,000 running hours.


Many companies struggle on the refurbishment and rental of used air compressors. When it comes to equipment type, instrument quality oil-flooded compressors with after-treatment offer users a cost effective alternative to oil-free models. These industrial air compressors are an ideal option for those who can afford to handle the risks associated with failures and contamination.


ReapAir Compressor Services provides a complete selection of industrial air compressor rental units and their accessories, ranging from 5-1200 cfm at 100-125 psi. Most of them come with starters and after-coolers and a professional service team to install and maintain your air compressors.

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