In Quincy Compressor We Trust
July 15, 2019

Quincy Compressor has become the standard of excellence in the air compressor industry. As a recognized leader in the manufacturing of air compressor units, parts and accessories, they continue to improve their products to optimize facility operations. Here is how Quincy air compressors and services have become highly sought after across many industries.


Putting in the Work

Quincy Compressor ensures that every single one of their employees has the tools, resources and expertise to achieve customer satisfaction. Their employees also undergo 24 hours of training in Lean Manufacturing Techniques to identify and eliminate waste in the work environment. At Quincy Compressor, process improvement is the name of the game.


In addition to employee training, Quincy Compressor has developed a list they call “The 14 R’s of Air Compressor Efficiency” outlining their strategy to prevent internal and external factors from interfering with the functioning of Quincy air compressors. The list is as follows:


  1. Reduce loss due to air leakage
  2. Reduce pressure at low-usage points
  3. Reduce source pressure
  4. Reduce pressure fluctuations with compatible air receivers
  5. Reduce the number of partial-load compressors
  6. Reduce low-pressure applications
  7. Reduce pressure drop
  8. Remove condensate while conserving air
  9. Remove moisture according to application needs
  10. Reduce downtime with preventative maintenance
  11. Record data on maintenance and repairs
  12. Regularly track changes in air usage
  13. Recover heat
  14. Reduce the cost of energy


The Payoff

The efforts Quincy Compressor has made to innovate industrial air compressor manufacturing processes has resulted in their current standing within the industry. Here are just a few of the awards and honors Quincy has earned in recent years:


  • ISO 14001:2004 certification
  • Plant Engineering Gold Product of the Year Award (QGD)
  • EnPro Industries Presidential Safety Award
  • Managing Automation Customer Master Award


At ReapAir Compressor Services, we have developed a reputation since our establishment in 1981 for supplying our customers with high-quality air compressors from trusted manufacturers, with Quincy air compressors being our specialty. Our services, including compressor maintenance and repair, are among the highest-rated in the Greater Toronto Area. Get in touch with us today to find out why!

Big fan of Quincy compressors myself!
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