How to Optimize Working Conditions for Your Air Compressor
December 04, 2019

Industrial air compressors are the workhorse of many facilities. Considering the amount of output they generate, they need all the help they can get in order to stay efficient and effective. Optimizing industrial air compressors is more than just selecting the right machines for your applications – it is also about proper management of your air compression systems.  

Most industrial air compressors thrive best when they have their own dedicated area or room in which to operate.

Your air compression system will benefit from this as having a separate room allows for noise control, control of access, and simpler ventilation monitoring, among other things. It will also be easier to control the temperature of the room, which is a vital factor in air compressor efficiency, especially as the colder months approach.

This room should also be large enough to accommodate not only your industrial air compressors but also their accessories, pumps, piping, and more. When the installation team comes and assesses the air compressor room, they should make sure to place the air compressor in such a way that access to the accessories is still possible and that there is room for the piping. You should also consult with your installation team on how much space you want left over to make room for the potential addition of more industrial air compressors.

The floor of the room needs to be completely flat, and there should be a floor drain close to the air compressor that can handle the condensation generated by the air compressors and their accessories. Depending on the specific air compressor you acquire and how intense its vibrations are, you may need to incorporate vibration dampeners into the room’s flooring or walls.

Lastly, the room should allow you to route intake and ventilation air from the outside of the building into the room. This means the layout and orientation of the room is extremely important in contributing to the efficiency of your industrial air compressors as well.

As you can see, installing industrial air compressors is not a simple cut-and-dry task. Professional teams are needed to consult on the location of installation and then perform that installation. At ReapAir Compressor Services, we make sure to provide top-notch service and a clear line of communication with our clients to ensure they feel supported at every step of the process.

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