Everything You Need to Know about Air Dryers
November 29, 2019

One of the most important industrial air compressor accessories you can acquire are dryers. Moisture within an air compressor system is unavoidable – no matter how good your filters, the process of compressing air must generate some kind of condensation.

The only way to mitigate the negative effects of the buildup of excessive moisture is to use dryers.

Excess moisture can cause damage to the delicate parts of your air compressor through rust and corrosion. Dryers work by treating wet compressed air and removing the moisture. The two main types of dryers are refrigerated and regenerative (desiccant) air dryers.

Sometimes, you may be able to acquire an air compressor unit that has its own integrated dryer system. This is usually the case for facilities that have less space, and as such they require an integrated solution so that there is no need for excess space. However, if you have the space to spare, you will want to consider acquiring more industrial air compressor accessories to help optimize your system.

The main difference between refrigerated and regenerative air dryers is the dew point.

Refrigerated air dryers can usually provide a dew point of three to five Celsius, while regenerative air dryers can drop your dew point further to -20 and -70 degrees Celsius. This is because regenerative air dryers utilize the additional power of desiccant beads to further absorb water vapour.

It is important to understand what dew points are before you decide on which type of air dryer suits your applications better. The dew point of your system refers to the temperature at which the compressed air becomes so saturated with water vapour that the vapour begins to condense. An air dryer will not only dry the compressed air in your system, it will also monitor the dew point. With a lower dew point, your air compressor can go for much longer without generating excess moisture.

The appropriate industrial air compressor accessories are crucial to the efficiency of your air compressor. If you are looking to optimize your air compressor, consult with the experts at Reap Air Compressor Services!


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