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How to Choose the Perfect Industrial Air Compressor for Your Business
April 15, 2021

With so many different brands competing to become the numero uno of the air compressor market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right industrial air compressor for your business needs.   

Before you get swayed by the reviews of a particular air compressor product, you must understand which type of industrial compressor will get the work done for you.

There are three significant kinds of industrial air compressors – Rotary Screw, Vane, and Reciprocating compressors. Once you know their unique attributes and the exceptional advantages that each of these air compressor types have to offer, you can choose the right product for your specific requirements.

Three Types of Industrial Air Compressors

Rotating Screw Compressor: It is perhaps the most regularly utilized industrial air compressor, known for its interior cooling framework and low upkeep. The interior of the compressor involves two rotors that pivot in the opposite direction. The air that gets sucked into the compressor is subjected to compression between the rotors. While some revolving screw air compressors should be greased up with oil for consistent performance in the long run, some can function without oil lubrication. These types of compressors are intended to work constantly for a significant stretch of time, thus making them perfect for heavy industrial applications.  

Vane Compressor: A vane compressor contains a barrel-shaped structure with two openings for sucking the air in to the compressor and releasing the air from the compressor. Instead of two rotors that are found in rotating screw type, vane blowers utilize just a solitary rotor to apply pressure on air gushing into the chamber. They are smaller in size, easily portable, and are economical in comparison to the other two types of compressors. Their application is limited to home-based appliances like air conditioning systems and refrigerators.

Reciprocating Compressor: Compared to the revolving screw type, the reciprocating air compressor can't withstand continuous operation and isn't a reasonable choice for mechanical applications across different industries. Unlike revolving screws, these compressors have additional moving segments, and hence require more prominent grease lubrication for smooth operation. They are ideal for automobile service centres and small construction projects.

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