The Most Important Parts of Industrial Air Compressors
March 25, 2021

The air compression process is a very common operation in most industries, making industrial air compressors an essential power source in different businesses. They can work quite hard and for long hours depending on your particular work environment. This is why it is very important to properly maintain the internal components of your compressed air system to maximize the advantages they bring to your business. This is why we at ReapAir Compressor Services aims to provide you with only the most reliable products. With decades of compressed air experience and knowledge, our industrial air compressors are designed with cutting-edge technology.


Whatever type or model of industrial air compressor you own, be it a reciprocating piston or rotary screw compressor, some of its parts have to be replaced from time to time. Be prepared for this and familiarize yourself with common industrial air compressor parts that require regular replacement.


Here are three of the most important parts of an industrial air compressor:


Inlet Air Filter

This compressor part is used as a preventive element in order to prevent unwanted particles from getting inside the air supply system. It must be replaced regularly at the right schedule or when a specialist says it needs replacement.


Oil Filter

Just like an inlet air filter, the oil filter also plays a critical role in keeping your industrial air compressor in top shape. An appropriately scheduled fluid change and oil filter replacement geared towards the activity of the system and its working environment is key to maintaining the quality of the lubricant.


Air/Oil Separator

Your maintenance schedule must include regular checkups and replacement of air compressor parts to avoid clogging that may result in expensive performance losses. The air or oil separator should be changed or replaced following the right schedule to keep it in the right shape.


The frequency of replacements can be minimized by always using genuine and the most appropriate air compressor parts and fluids for your system. These are parts and the services to maintain and repair them can be found through ReapAir Compressor Services. Contact us today!

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